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12 years of education has taught me much,
A area of information, within a touch.
I've had my ups and downs,
But in the end I still worn my gown.
I've learn about the importance of friendship,
The pain of love when it does slip.
I've learn about, for once, happiness.
And how to live a good life in my own mess.
And as the caps fly,
They return from the sky.
One chapter of the book of life has ended.
But another has yet to be printed.
June Third, of the year Two Thousand Twenty Twelve
:iconsupersonix07:Supersonix07 1 0
... : Morgana : ... by MademoiselleWillow ... : Morgana : ... :iconmademoisellewillow:MademoiselleWillow 35 26
You don't need to stay,
In a dark place that you say,
Is a dream to be.
But I know what you see.
Life gets better down the line.
I know, for the situation was once mine.
And for your past, just move along.
Somewhere out there, you belong.
:iconsupersonix07:Supersonix07 9 0
So you've put on this mask,
For one simple task.
To cut and break my soul.
You think you've been successful.
But I still have one more trick,
I can lock the door to certain pricks.
You may have my heart,
And you may have ripped it apart,
But you will not control me.
I am who I want to be.
This door is my gateway.
Not your little place to play.
My world is not yours to wander.
Because I am its sole commander.
:iconsupersonix07:Supersonix07 1 0
The bow that Eros holds so dear
A bow you wield without hate nor fear
How beautifully it graces, a blinding star
One would be ensnared, near or far
And yet here my heart holds the key
For a secret twinkle you show to me
All reality melts into a dream
Oh, my soul you do redeem!
An angel's wings, so pure and white
Unfolds so slowly in pure delight
My only wish is that it be me,
The bow that graces your face eternally
:iconrei-yumiyuri:Rei-Yumiyuri 4 0
Srta Purple by CrisSolimann Srta Purple :iconcrissolimann:CrisSolimann 94 12
Young writers love
My fingers itch to write
a feeling i refuse to fight
it seeps in like the darkness of the night
a wonderus feeling that is so right
i make the pen my sword
the enmy's blood is my word
this page is my world
and the ink is my soil
there is no need to seed
i will always just reap
the same as i weep
as with my tears
act like a waterfall to wash away my fears
and as i wash myself clean
my scars wont be seen
for as i write i feel your touch
that alone is more then enough
to feel free
with just being me
i said i would never again fly
about that i didn't lie
so instead i'll sit with you near
and i'll whisper in your ear
the truths i feel
how you make everything real
and i'll give you my book
and pray i wont be took.
:iconthelulustarz:TheLulustarz 8 14
My heart's a stereo by tumnus-d-faun My heart's a stereo :icontumnus-d-faun:tumnus-d-faun 35 8
Press Start Prologue
All I can remember is falling.
Down, down, tumbling down through the vast blackness. Flashing blue ones and zeros swirled around me, barely registering in my brain before they were whisked away. "Binary," I thought. What the hell was it doing there? Shouldn't I be in my room, waiting for my dad to pick me up on his day of the month? What's happeneing? Why -
My thoughts mushed together and suddenly I couldn't think anymore. Nothing was important, nothing mattered except getting out of this damn mess. Where the hell am I?
Everything stopped and changed in a flash of blue. Sky blue, like the colour of robins eggs. I was rushing past clouds and wind burnt my face. Wait, what? Wind?
I realized I wasn't alone. My hand registered warmth, and I saw Danny struggling to hold onto me. On my other side, my brother Adam was swearing with such fierocity I'm sure my mother would have slapped him upside the head if she was here. But of course, she wasn't. This was madness.
Danny's hand slipped away fr
:iconthe-little-dreamer:the-little-dreamer 1 0
Had Magic by CrisSolimann Had Magic :iconcrissolimann:CrisSolimann 40 6 Circus Freak 2 by LyssaJean2 Circus Freak 2 :iconlyssajean2:LyssaJean2 1 0 rain drops keep falling by taliajazel rain drops keep falling :icontaliajazel:taliajazel 116 21

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Vivid Dream :iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 0 0
How Does it Feel to Have a Life?
I hate waking up in the morning.
Because it's another day I suffer through,
More hours I have to cry through,
More tears that dry on my face,
For reasons that life goes at a slow pace.
I hate opening my eyes.
I wish all I could see is light.
I never asked for this life,
So, what's the point in this strife?
Why can't the hard stuff go away,
Come again some other day,
When I'm ready to fight,
For reasons why I have this life.
I can't draw my sword, if I don't have one
I don't want to fight,
I just want to live my life.
If I can't do that,
Then I want to die.
I want to greet my heavens,
With a pile full of questions,
Hopeful answers to them all,
But the world was only built so small.
Can't you help me,
The one looking above
Do you know what I'm thinking of?
I know you can hear me,
I know you can listen,
Other wise,
Why do we have voices inside our head?
I ask for help
that most people can't dare to do,
I hate waking my eyes
in the morning with tears.
I can't seem to face my day
without ha
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 0 0
My Eyes Are Blind
My eyes are Blind,
covered with fear,
and this non-existant me,
who keeps coming near.
"Help me!" I scream,
"Get this blindfold off of me!"
How did it cover my eyes?
I thought I was ready to fight
the one I despise,
I hate what I've become,
All opportunities turned
because of what I'm blind from,
I need to find a knife,
And cut it completely,
That way, my eyes can see freely, permanently.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 3 0
Guiding Light
Alone in the park,
I see a familiar light,
It's you I see,
To rescue me from the fight.
I was hesitant to grab your hand,
But now I realize
I need you to stand.
For a second, I thought I lost you,
But it turns out,
I just misunderstood you.
I thank you for always being there,
Especially the times when some couldn't care,
You will always be the light that guides me,
Into an abundance of safety.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 4 0
Weird Wonderland
In the midst of my imagination,
I see light forming between the clouds,
I cocked my wide-eyed head to the side,
And saw that darkness no longer belongs,
Oh how weird things could be,
In this wonderland, where I am free.
Imagination of the curious mind,
Some how effects reality,
But how it effects it
is really up to you.
Because it's based on the actions you choose.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 2 0
Dove In The Cage XII
Stay optimistic, dear dove
For you are close to leaving pain,
and replacing it with love,
But don't forget where you came from,
Stay close to the ground,
Because you don't want to lose yourself,
With all the material things around,
Be careful dear dove,
as you prepare to fly free,
Just remember,
who your truly meant to be.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 3 0
Lone Wolf
Needle by needle,
Your skin is inked again,
With a paw print,
To show where you've been,
Inside the pact,
There is, in fact,
The name of a whore,
That you've come into contact.
No matter how filled the paw is now,
Its always a scar,
to remind us how,
You cheat and lie,
With your fighting tone,
And then you question why
your all alone,
You may think its just another tattoo.
But underneath the overlapping ink,
Is something we all knew.
So I'll let you be,
The lone wolf in the pact,
Just keep your guard out,
In case other animals attack.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 1 0
'Emilia' In Franklyn by LadyFairfax 'Emilia' In Franklyn :iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 2 1
The Show Must Go.
It was long and hard down this road,
But this book shows
all the things I learned,
Through good and bad,
its all here.
Through the times that were hard,
and just couldn't bare
But writing in this journal
proves that I'm still here.
It was fun,
It was meant to be,
this journal for me.
Among so many things,
Like the letter I'll never send
But as always,
good things must come to an end
and as its so,
This show must go.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 2 0
Mirror, mirror
on the wall.
Watch me break,
watch me fall.
But why am I still here,
Dear old mirror?
When I have so much more to fear,
You shatter and break,
Seven years of bad luck,
But I'm still solid
Only buried in muck.
But shining gold mirror,
you still stand
showing me life can be grand.
Giving me hope,
that I will not break
Like the mirror on the wall,
That can shatter from a shake.  
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 0 0
Dove In The Cage XI
The dove opened her eyes,
From all the hurt,
from all the lies,
Only to notice her soul,
Outside the cage,
She looks into her souls'
deep set eyes,
and knows that once its strong enough,
she can break the cage,
and watch it die.
All she has to do,
is stay strong against the
brainwashing residue.
And if she survives,
she'll be reborn with her soul,
and finally become,
truly alive.
Her soul may know,
Where the key might be,
But the dove will have to stay in her imagination,
where she feels free.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 1 0
Dove In The Cage X
The hawk spoke of some useful advice,
Of how I should paint the cage
While I decay inside.
She also suggests
A walk at night,
Swinging on a swing,
Pretending to take flight.
That doesn't sound bad,
My mind responds to me,
But no matter what I do,
I'm still caged from being me.
No paint,
no night, could ever make me feel alive!
As much as the mask of theatre,
That I wish to strive.
It's hard you see,
Trying to pursue art,
With no support,
From anybody.
They want you to take the easy way of life,
But I need to explore,
Like taking chances on a throwing knife.
It's what life is for you see,
To be dreamt through
a visualizing fantasy.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 1 2
Four-Word Story 2
The British Empire was amougst the most important in England, they controlled what goes in and out, no exceptions. However out of all the problems they faced, one issue that troubled them the most was pirates.
Ships and ships with bucket loads of them would constantly try to invade the coast of Great Britian, stealing tea and raiding stores to supply the resources needed to live that they no longer had.
The British army were sucessful most of the time defending their ground, but one incident where a few disguised themselves as citizens and got away, rumoured to be in lurking somewhere in London, but were never found. Some still have suspicions that they still linger somewhere in England, but no one ever really knows for sure.
Only one person knew of the pirates that had escaped, one of the duchess in the British Empire, and she was one of them. When she escaped, she snuck into one of the duchess households and killed her in her sleep. While her friends disposed of the body, she had sli
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 0 0
Sweet Indie
Sweet Indie,
You make her look so pretty,
All in those crochet clothes,
and long skits
with tie-dye shirts
along with a headband.
Where rock and roll,
Rules her world,
And all the bands
that started in their garage
and moved on
To big rock stars.
She don't follow the trends,
or give a shit,
because she's the only thing
the matter,
Her attitude and wit.
Walkin' down the street
Being proud of who she be
Because what controlled her mind
Is the sweet Indie.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 3 0
Human to human,
Creature to creature,
Were all living beings,
Sons and daughters of mother nature.
We all live for one purpose,
One purpose alone,
And that is to live in happiness,
Within the infected zone.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 2 0
This isn't like staged theatre,
Oh, no.
It's just being the character.
Putting the mask on,
everyday before I wake up,
It's just apart of this silly play,
That I make up.
I do this because I know how you feel,
To come home,
And everything you once knew, disappear.
I know this is excatly what you fear,
And misery too.
This is why I play pretend life for you.
It was okay for some days,
But now I'm getting tired of this endless play.
There is no glory,
Of putting the same mask on all the time,
Making it my life story.
So I hope for your sake,
That the show soon ends,
Because the actor feels,
Like she's losing herself again.
:iconladyfairfax:LadyFairfax 3 0


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